Google Rolls out New Improvements to +1 Button

Google +1 button is definitely winning over most of the bloggers and webmasters. It’s the new Like or Tweet button with one exception, it comes from the search engine we rely on for the greatest amount of out traffic, so we have to love it, incorporate it and use it. To make it even easier to use Google rolled out two major improvements to the +1 button[1].

It feels more like a Like button now; the two improvements that will be rolled out globally over the course of next few days are the ability to share directly to your circles just by clicking a +1 button on a page and a direct insertion of the text snippet with a link.

Basically, instead of visiting your Google+ account and sharing a link from your dashboard you do that just by clicking a +1 button and it will automatically load a +snippet with a link using markup, which you can customise of course. Another improvement Google mentioned in their post[2] is the inline annotation option which can be easily implemented if you just get the new +1 button with inline annotations[3].

It’s clear that Google knows what they need to do, we just have to give them some more time, and hopefully we will soon be able to get business pages and use foreign characters for names, like Cyrillic or Arabic, without the fear of having our accounts terminated.


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