Google Real-Time Search Shut Down

Yesterday there has been a very confusing development with the Google real-time search results, in fact, it was not available.

google real-time search

As we received news Google has temporarily shut down this service, for how long, we don’t know yet. But as it seems it has a lot to do with the fact that their agreement with Twitter to display their results has expired.

Google’s announcement said that this is not only due to twitter contact expiring, they claim to be very satisfied with their cooperation with Twitter. The main reason seems to be Google+, or rather, how Google plans to incorporate Google+ into real-time search results. the wish to add more sources to their real-time search results, including Google+, Twitter, as well as the already existing networks like Quora, Facebook fan pages, FriendFiend, Google news and many others.

But Google real-time search is not the only thing that disappeared. Google Wonder Wheel is also gone, according to Google; it is due to their redesign. Is this permanent or not, and will Wonder-wheel used by many SEO’s and webmasters be back, remains to be seen.

google wonder wheel gone

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