Google Plus SEO, What Does it Equal?

Google+Google Plus has now been live just over a month. It has amassed over 20 million users since its time of release, even though technically it is still in its beta version and hasn’t even been properly released yet, which is saying something. It is obvious that Google + is going to be a huge thing, possibly the biggest of all the social networks. For the full detailed comparison between Facebook and Google visit SEOPositive’s Blog. So you must be wondering, like anyone would be, what is Google + going to do to SEO?

Before Google +1

If we look into the past, more specifically before the +1 button was rolled out, we could see that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook where being integrated into Google’s SERPs, search engine results page. Twitter Retweets and Facebook Likes have an obvious effect on your SERP – basically, the more the better. Now if we examine Google’s +1 button, we can see that there is some correlation between the amount of +1’s and SERP, this is clear. However it is difficult to say how much it effects results and whether Google + is something to worry about for the SEO’s out there.

Here and Now

If you were to look into the +1 button, there is no doubt that you would find companies that sell +1’s… Basically the same ideology as selling Facebook likes and so on. This indicates to some extent, that there is some significance of the button and that it is obviously active enough for someone to be making money out of it.

Google +

The social network Google +, as previously explained, is already seeing a huge amount of users and could very well be the most powerful network going. In that case, there is no doubt that this social network will have a role in the SERPs, seen as it is owned and heavily integrated into Google already.

My Personal Prediction

I feel that Google are going to integrate each users profile into the SERPs. For example, if a lot of your friends have +1’d a site; it will rank higher than it would without that interaction. Alternatively there could be a “your friends +1’d these” section showing in a separate column. The possibilities are really endless in this case. There is a lot that could be done with Google + but the only question is, what will happen?


I can deduct that Google + and its +1 feature will definitely play a role in Google’s SERPs system. Although right now it is impossible to say exactly what they affect, thus how much effort should be put into different elements. It is still too early to determine the effects of Google + accurately enough to make a definite decision in regards to SEO strategies. My advice is to have the +1 button available on pretty much every page, but obviously it needs to look appealing and also discrete at the same time. Assume that Google + will have an impact on your SERPs, that way you cannot lose out no matter what the outcome is.

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