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The ground breaking news that is going through everyone’s stream right now on Google+ and probably other social media is the new Google+ integration, a fancy one that by all means makes more sense than all the other updates they did in the last few months.

Dejan SEO Brisbane Google+ Local

We are talking about Google+ Local pages[1]. I won’t go into detail as someone has done that already, for detailed review of the new feature I would suggest visiting this great post[2]. Also, you can read through Google’s help pages[3]

Needles to say, we have been expecting this already, as Dan clearly noted in one of our recent predictions[4] about Google unification. To understand the idea and benefits you might want to brush  up on why is Google concentrating on social[5] platform and integrating everything in Google+ platform.

When talking about major changes and improvements the one thing we definitely need to mention is the integration of a new rating system. Instead of the star based rating we used to see, Google now relies on Zagat 30 point rating system.

zagar scoring

Among other change the one I particularly like is the new look in Google search results, as you can see from the image below.

Google Search Local Listings

When you are logged in to Google+ you will see a new tab for local that leads to local search results. One change here is that there are two search boxes, one for a search query and one for location.

google plus local search

Well, this is the quick look at the new integration, but what can we expect from it? First of all I would have to claim that businesses that haven’t paid attention to Google+ up until now will start, if they don’t they will lose a lot. Local search has been the major traffic source for most small businesses, and since Google is switching to Google+ so will all those businesses, the sooner the better. Not to mention that our local listings have become social now as we have the ability to plus one the page, share it easier than ever and with the new review system it will be easier for consumers to review the brands they like, or don’t like as it will be right in front of their eyes.







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