Google Play Button Has Been Pushed

Google users are now seeing the new “Play” option in the menu indicating the new media hub from Google has gone a notch up in their list of priorities.


March was the month of consolidation, trimming and updates for Google and as part of the process “Play” was softly released to public. Google now introduces “Play” in the main menu / toolbar with a red “new” sign hoping uses would notice their new media hub.

 Geo Targeting Fail

Some users are able to see and use Google Play media player but others (e.g. Australia) get the following message when trying to use it:

“We’re sorry. The Google Play music player is currently only available in the United States.”

What’s the point of advertising a feature which is not fully functional?

More About Google Play

We covered Google Play in detail in our “Google Unified” post:

“Google Play is a new one-stop destination for users to get content. To be clear, Google Play is essentially just a re-branding, although it does present some new features. With the launch of Google Play, Google has done away with a few separate services. Gone are Google Music, Google Books, and the Android Market. Instead, all of the content that used to be provided under these different brands is now available under the Google Play label. Users can now log on and choose from more than 450,000 apps for Android devices, as well as thousands of movies and millions of songs and books.”

Google Play

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