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Google and Custom Search results

Google and Micro-niche Search Results

Due to some recent changes to Google’s search engine, many internet users may have noticed some unusual search results in recent days. This is due to a major change that Google has implemented in their search engine. While Google used to only take a person’s web history into account if they were logged into their account, Google now customizes all search results based on anonymous search history, as well as the location of their IP address.

This means that every single internet user will be receiving different search results, which begs the question of whether some of the current web marketing techniques will be rendered obsolete. Instead, it turns out that these changes have simply magnified the impact of any traditional marketing campaign designed to attract specific customers. The key point to understand here is the difference between web history and search history. When a user is logged into Google, his search engine results are based on many aspects of his behavior on the internet, ranging from sites that he has visited to developing trends in his recent web activities.

A person’s search history, on the other hand, is a record of the web searches that a person has entered into a search engine in the recent past. Google also takes the location of an user’s IP address for certain queries such as local restaurants and movie theaters. Regardless of whether or not an individual is logged into Google, every person will now be receiving different search results based on how they use the web. While these recent developments will have a big impact on internet marketing, it is important to understand that this does not change the game of search engine optimization in the slightest. Instead, customized search results simply maximize the impact of every SEO campaign that is designed to reach your core customers. In fact, these recent developments are great news for any business owner or web developer who is concerned with attracting and retaining a very specific set of clientele.

Because an individual’s web history and search patterns affect his search results both so heavily now, it is now more important than ever to make the prime goal of your SEO strategy to match the interests of your core demographics. Because Google bases their search results in part on an individuals web search history, the importance of implementing an intelligent SEO campaign is more important now than ever. So long as your sites already have a respectable ranking in the key search engine results for your demographic, these new changes do not require most web developers or business owners to make major changes to their present SEO strategies. Instead, Google’s new approach to customizing their search engine results to an user’s web history will simply compound the impact of a site that has implemented the correct SEO tactics. In addition to an individual’s search history, the new changes to Google’s approach to customized search engine results are affect by an individual’s behavior on the internet.

For instance, if an individual reaches you web site through clicking on a banner ad or a list of links located on an associate’s web site, Google will take this information into account the next time that the individual makes a search query on a topic that is related to your site. Even if this particular user had never reached your web site through Google before, your site will rank near the top of the search engine rankings based on the presence of relevant cookies on the individual’s web browser. Again, the influence of link building is simply magnified by the influence of one’s web history on future search engine results.


When possible, Google will customize your search results based on location and/or recent search activity. Additionally, when you’re signed in to your Google Account, you may see even more relevant, useful results based on your web history . The following information was used to improve your search results for seo : Search History Your search results have been customized using search activity from this browser. Learn more Disable customizations based on search activity If you’re curious, you can see what a search for seo looks like without these improvements .

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