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Google PagesIn today’s Webmaster Central Blog post Google announced the release of Google+ for Business, their equivalent of Facebook Pages. To create your own page visit this URL.

The most interesting feature is the (for now limited) ability to connect your Google Page and your business website:

“Beginning today, we’re rolling out a new experimental feature to a small group of eligible publishers,Google+ Direct Connect — an easy way for your audience to find your Google+ Page on Google search.  If you’ve linked your Page to your site and you qualify, when someone searches for your website’s name with the ‘+’ sign before it Direct Connect will send them directly to your Page.”

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To configure your website badge/button visit the following URL:

For now the only thing you can do is add an icon of different sizes, but soon we will be able to add a badge that will look exactly like the one you have on your profiles or pages, with number of followers and their images and with the ability for the logged in users to add your page to their circles directly from your website.

Creating Your Google+ Business Page

When you visit the creation page you get a basic choice of types of pages you want to create:

Pick a category

Once you choose your preferred category you can add your business page name, website link and choose a topical category. After that it’s just filling in the blanks and making your page look good. It is very similar to your own Google+ profile and you can use Google+ as your page, which is the same with Facebook pages. The difference is that when you browse Google+ as a page you can add other pages to your circle, but you can’t add users until they add you first. So spamming will be reduced. Once you add your details and upload your profile picture as well as the tagline you will be brought to a welcoming screen that will help you fill out the rest of the page.

Start the conversation

Posting uses the same process like your profile, basically everything is the same, you can go to your about page and add your business about content, links to your important sites and other pages like Facebook and Twitter, and you can add your other details like physical address, phone and other forms of contact. That’s it, if you want to revert to your personal profile or switch to other pages there is a “manage pages” drop down menu right next to your profile image from which you can switch to any other page or profile.

Google+ Switch Pages

The benefits of having a Google+ page is obvious, like Facebook and Twitter it is another place to promote your brand to your users. But since this is a Google product there are other benefits as well, so you should be sure to add your page as soon as possible. A bit of warning, since this is Google like we all know and have mentioned already, you should be careful with content you place on your business pages, make sure it flows naturally and doesn’t come off spammy and you can see great benefits.

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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