Google PageRank Update: January 2011

Google’s famous algorithmic metric – PageRank has finally updated. Our team has noticed sporadic updates in January following with a more broad burst around the 20th of January. Google decides to push out the Toolbar PageRank values to public after a long waiting period. According to our observations the last update was back in April 2010. Usual update frequency used to be in average four times per year. pagerank-update-jan-2011This time we’re seeing a massive gap between updates indicating that Google was potentially busy with something else ad PageRank is sliding down the scale of importance for the Internet giant. What is interesting about this update is that it seems to represent a stale snapshot which is at least six months old. This could mean that we could get a new update sooner than expected. PageRank has been an object of fiery debate in the SEO circles and there seems to be an ambivalent sentiment toward the green bar. Some obsess over it and love it’s simplicity while others loudly plea for Google to switch this metric off.

Pagerank Update Calendar


I would expect new toolbar PageRanks to roll out over the next few days.
@mattcutts in this tweet
22 January 2011

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