Google New Year Present – Google+ Improvements

Google has been working hard on making Google+ a better place than it is, after all, they are still in beta phase. So we finally got an official update from them that there are some improvements that are already live and some that will be rolled out in the next few days.

On their blog announcement[1] you can see a that they improved 4 things:

Noise reduction or volume up for important circles

This update allows you to moderate your circles and how their posts and notifications show up in your stream. At the top of the circle page there will be a slider that allows you to lower the number of posts received from a circle or increase it.

Improved Notifications

Notifications have also been improved. The improvements allow you to see much more just by clicking on the notification button, instead of having to visit the actual pages to see what happened, now you can see who shared, +1’d or commented on your posts.

google+ notifications

Improved Google+ Pages

Users will be able to add up to 50 managers to a page, a highly expected update for Google+.

Notifications for pages work the same as they do for your profiles

The number of people that +1’d your page and how many people added you to their circles

Improvements to Google+ galleries

The last update is to Google+ photos. Google+ now has an upgraded lightbox which in their words will make your photos the center of attention. Just by clicking the lightbox button the image will be re-sized to fit the entire screen. There are also improvements with the commenting and tagging as well, as well as a few fun features to edit your images.

Again, if you still don’t see these changes there is no need to be alert, they will roll out globally over the next few days, so be patient.


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