Google My Places – One Place to Rule Them All

Google has just unveiled a new service on June 15 that they are calling My Places that combines some of the items found on Google Maps, Google Places and My Maps. Google allows for save locations on their map service, and lets you rate any location through Google Places. The My Maps feature allowed anyone to customize Google Maps with whatever they wanted. All of the saved information in each feature was kept separate from the others, which made it tedious to have to flip between them. The new My Places feature on Google Maps has replaced My Maps, and will make obtaining your saved information much easier.

google my places
The new My Places icon on Google Maps will allow you to view all of your saved maps, starred locations and any rated business all under one tab. The information will be stored based on the input date with the most recent activity at the top of the page. The My Places tab may replace the My Maps tab, but everything done through My Maps is still there to enjoy. The ability to create and share personalized maps is still available with My Places.

Google has also made managing your personalized maps experience much easier than before. It is now easier to add and delete anything to My Places than it has ever been before. Google is showing that they know that many people have very busy lives and have trouble remembering all of their favorite locations. This will most likely not be used for locations in anyone’s hometown, but it is a great way to remember all of the great places you have visited while out of town. The My Places service now makes it easy to find and sort through all of the locations that are special to you all across the country.


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