Google Launches Flight Search

Google came through with their idea for Flight search and now its official, you can use new Flight search service by typing your wanted destinations in Google or visiting From there you can find flights you need ordered by prices, departure, return dates and duration of the flight.

You can choose explore the map from your starting location and see what else is available and for what price, and the best thing about Google Flight search is the speed, compared to other flight search providers Google is light speed ahead of them, we can just hope that they will add more cities and other countries as soon as possible.

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This video explains the basics of Google Flight search and what you can expect from it:

As you have seen in the video, you can just pick a starting destination and take a look at the map, you can check all the destinations and prices, and even compare them by price vs duration metrics. No need to do dozen of searches for each destination or load dozens of screens to get the info you need, the interactive map solves your problems in the blink of an eye.

As we noted above, the data from Google flights is so far available only for US, but we hope that the rest of the world will be included soon. Google has a lot to work on with Flight search, they need to add more airports from US before they can expand to other countries and they also need to add different classes, as so far only economical class is available in their search results.

The bottom line is that this can be a real though deal for travel competitors such as Expedia, which were originally opposed to Google’s Flight search project. Not only is Google faster and more intuitive, but it allows you to book flights directly from the search results.

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