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A new Google Knowledge Graph feature was discovered today by Gyi Tsakalakis. In the source code it’s marked up only as “KL” but Googlers refer to it as the Knowledge Carousel.

What was the original name? If I could take a guess it would be something like:

  • Knowledge Link
  • Knowledge Lane
  • Knowledge List

Here’s how it looks like for Jamie Oliver “TV” triggered search:

Knowledge Links

University-related search queries:

Knowledge Link

Another query which triggers the knowledge link feature is related to authors and books:

Knowledge Link Books

We know this is definitely related to the knowledge graph as the feedback link activates corrections for the top strip as well as the standard knowledge graph box.

In source code the feature is named “KL”, for example in CSS: .klbar and kl:active. They also refer to it as an “app” and there seem to be a link to in there (

Mark Traphagen reports that the feature was announced a couple of weeks ago in a “Breakfast with the Google Search Team” video and points out at a very cool “Moons of Jupiter” search query:

Breakfast with the Google Search Team

Moons of Jupiter Google Search

Have you seen any more search query types which show Google’s new feature? Please let us know.

Tip: Try this Justin Bieber search for a bit of a laugh.

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