Google Introduces Data Highlighter to Webmaster Tools

Google Introduces Data Highlighter to Webmaster Tools

The last few major updates revolved around structured data or equally important parts that make Google understand our pages better and in return provide better and more detailed results. One such update is the addition of Data Highlighter to Webmaster Tools as announced on the Google’s official blog post.


Data Highlighter is meant to simplify the input of HTML markup, or to avoid it in fact but get the same results from Google search nevertheless. Data Highlighter will allow you to highlight parts of your website through Google Webmaster Tools without having to change any of the code on your website, all you have to do is use your mouse to highlight any part of your website and tag the data you want.

This is just the first version and in this version you will be able to highlight only events, so any seminars, shows, exhibition or anything other related to events can be highlighted thought GWT, just go under optimization tab and you will see the Data Highlighter.

Google promises to add more data types in the upcoming changes as well as other languages, so far only English is available. One great feature of Data Highlighter is the ability to tag multiple pages; also, it will suggest more tags to speed up your work. Once you tag a few of the pages on your site Data Highlighter will have enough data to start understanding similar pages on your website and help you in tagging them.


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