Google Instant Pages – A New Speed Update From Google

google instant pagesGoogle has rolled out a new search feature yesterday, Google Instant Pages. Instant Pages are not yet available to the public, but they will be in the coming weeks for Chrome browser. Google also stated that their Instant Pages update is open source and that other browsers are free to update it into their functionality. We can surely expect to see Firefox and other browsers fully supporting this feature very soon. So what is Instant Pages?

Instant Pages will help the users experience even faster search and result experience. Basically it is another update from Google to speed up the web search. When you type a search query in Google Search, Google will preload the pages corresponding to your search so when you click on the result it will open it in an instant.

A test carried out by Google team showed that preloaded pages are opened in 0 seconds, while a regular page listing without Instant Pages tends to open between 2 to 5 seconds, making the users experience much faster.

If you are wondering how this will affect your site speed and need for optimising speed, it won’t. Google is caching your pages from top to bottom, including HTML, images and Java Script as a 3rd party and they display those results from their database. Webmaster tools will still be able to measure your traffic normally and this won’t present itself as speed increase for your website, this is all Google.

But according to Google’s technicians, you can also implement preloading or prerendering for your own site. There is a risk of using prerendering for the wrong pages and is recommended only if you are certain that your most important landing pages will be displayed as the results. prerendering is very hard to do, but Google Instant Pages doesn’t require you to prerender your pages, it will work automatically as Chrome will prerender the pages for you. You can learn more about prerendering at Google Chrome Developer Guide.

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