Google Instant Ads Preview Goes Live

Last few months have definitely shown us that Google is not kidding around and that are still far from stopping with improvements and changes. We have seen more search engine updates in the last year than in the 10 years before that. Some of the major updates include Google Caffeine, Google Panda Update, and before that Google Instant and Instant preview, which now goes live for Google Ads.

google instant ads preview

The first 24 hours were marked by panic questions on the forums from Google Adwords users, the most common being will they be charged for clicks on the preview button! Well, the answer is a simple no. But what are the implications of Google Instant Preview for Ads?

The first thing that comes to mind is that advertisers will finally get their money’s worth and that users will find what they are looking for much faster. When a user hovers over a preview, he will see if the site has what he is looking for, which will give him more reason to click or avoid the website and move down the list.

On the other hand that works for advertisers as well. The click-through will certainly lower at first, but with high indications that their conversion rates will go up. Less people with blindly click their short ad, now they can see what awaits them, so they will have a half made-up mind before visiting the website.

So how do advertisers insure that they get the highest conversions possible? First thing to do is to carefully consider the landing page, as now users can see it before they visit your website. A non-relevant landing page will certainly lower your click through and your conversion rates. Also, there seems to be a minor setback for advertisers that have a Flash based website, as so far it is not visible in the preview mode. Google is working on it but there is no definite answer when they will sort that issue.

Bottom line, make your landing pages eye-catching and relevant, most likely user will stay away from pages with bad layout and without much relevance. But in the end, like with every update, we will have to wait, watch and measure all of the implications surrounding Google Instant Ads Preview.

Zac is a link building specialist and a seasoned SEO professional. He manages a team of link builders and actively promotes some of Australia's biggest brands. Zac is an active blogger and also maintains Dejan SEO's news and updates section.

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