Google Indexing Facebook Comments, Ajax/JS Execution for Indexing

It appears that some bloggers running Disqus and Facebook comments will be happy, others won’t, as apparently Google now has a great ability of executing Ajax/JS for indexing dynamic comments like the above mentioned ones.

From a technical point of view this is a great move forward regarding indexing content, it will make a life lot easier for those that use Java Script or Ajax on their websites, although there are surely some bumps in the road, it’s probably far from being able to index everything like it does with plain HTML, but we are getting somewhere. It is also good for SEOs that want to have Facebook integrated into their blogs and get the heated debates running through the SERPs.

But, some people won’t like it because the reason why they took on Facebook comments was that they could enjoy comment privacy from the big G and avoid being seen as spam. G couldn’t index Facebook comments, so that meant that spammers would stay away from such sites and it was a lot easier for bloggers and webmasters to run thing without dealing with constant spam.

disqus comment indexed

As you can see from the image above it is now certain that even Disqus comments are being indexed, not just Facebook ones, so we can expect to see some movements regarding JS and Ajax indexation and maybe a follow up from Matt Cutts or other Google engineers on what exactly can their improved bots do.

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