Google Experiments With Share Button In Search Results

Experimental Share Buttons

Google’s Sean Liu announced today that they would be rolling out a new experiment to show a ‘Share’ link in Google search results in place of the +1 button. The new button would allow users to add a comment about a site and why they find it useful then share it either publicly or with circles and post to Google+ streams. You can see it for yourself on Google US. (EDIT: The share button is now accessible in other regions.)

Share Button AUS

This would make it easier for users to share content directly from the search results in a similar way to +1’s on pages, which already have a share function built in.


What Does This Mean For SEO

This new feature is more than simply saying ‘I like this’, as the previous +1 button did, but  ‘You should look at this’.

Is this good or bad for sites? On the one hand it increases the level of commitment a user feels when recommending something, as it will be seen in their feed, which may discourage some. On the other hand it may increase the sharing of less well known content. Everybody knows about the Google Keyword tool so where people might have +1’d it in the past they will be less likely to share it in their feed. This could benefit sites that frequently produce new content and are relatively unknown, particularly those engaging early adopters.

This change comes at the same time as reports of Google+ seeing a 43% increase in unique page views for June and suggests a further push for integration of the social network into Googles other products. This shows Google is remaining consistent in it’s goal to make Google+ successful and is making good progress. For website owners, the importance of engaging with users through Google Plus is growing and success in this area will be increasingly important in achieving higher rankings in search results.


What Effect Will This Have?

What will the effect be on your site and others if this change does get rolled out? Talk to us on Google Plus.


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