Google Expands on Authorship Markup by Showing Authors in Search Results

Two weeks ago Google introduced the rel=author markup that will help content creators label their articles online. Now they are rolling out a new addition and that is to show the content creator, the author, along the search results.

So far only a small number of people is included, the ones that linked their Google profiles with their content, but anyone can participate according to Google’s blog post. When you search for certain piece of content you will see the normal results, but next to it will be an image of the author along with the name of the author and the link to their profile, as you can see on the image below.

Author featured in SERP

This will help users discover more about the people that bring interesting content to their table. We are all social creatures, and this was a logical step for Google to take. Google also announced that they will be showing content on Google profiles using the connection based on the rel=”author” markup.

If you wish to connect your Google profile with your content you can follow the explanation that Google provided on Webmasters Support, and if you wish to see who you are connected to and through whom you can do so on Google social connections page.

With more authors adding author markup to their content Google doesn’t wish to just lower the amount of duplicate content and authorship theft, they intend to bring the creators of the content to the front lines and present them to the people interested to find out more in an easy way, directly from your search results page.

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