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For the past few months, Google Currents has been in various states of testing and review while its parent company irons out the wrinkles. Only US customers have had access to its web-based and mobile service, at least until now. That all changes with the debut of Google Currents for international users, which delivers Currents to UK readers for iOS and Android. Currents brings quite a bit to the table as a magazine-style reader for content from all over the web, so it’s no surprise that its release to the worldwide market has generated a lot of excitement.

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What is Google Currents?

In short, Google Currents is a comprehensive, centralised repository of news feeds from websites and publishers from all over the globe. It’s essentially an e-reader app for digesting all the news that interests you in a way that’s comfortable and convenient. Hundreds of publications like Scientific American, the Huffington Post and the New York Times are available via publisher editions in Google Currents’ slick, tablet and phone-optimised format. Currents also allows small, independent sites and papers to self-publish their content and optimise how it’s presented. Over 14,000 publishers have signed on already, with more joining every day.

Currents vs The Competition

Though its news-reading and aggregation services are impressive, Currents is by no means the only application of its kind. Many competing programs like Flipboard, Feedly and Early Edition 2 offer much the same functionality as Google Currents, so it’s a crowded market already. The key difference is in Google’s intuitive interface and intelligent news management features. Its side-swiping action for jumping to the next page of a story is analogous to reading a real paper, and its “Trending” feature makes staying up to date on any given topic from a variety of sources uncomplicated and simple.

Improvements & Ongoing Development

In its few short months of existence, Google Currents has evolved quite a bit by listening to user feedback and tweaking the app to deliver an experience that’s closer to what people are looking for. The latest international release version adds dynamic sync functionality, which updates content instantaneously while you read. Thanks to integration with Google Translate, Currents makes getting multiple points of view from various international sources impressively easy for users in any country. Though Currents doesn’t feature quite as many social sharing features as apps like Flipboard, it’s the best magazine-style reader and content aggregation service on the mobile marketplace.


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