Google Crisis Response Includes Queensland Flood Information

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The Google Official Queensland Flood Information Page is a helpful resource for anyone looking for more information about the recent floods in this region of Australia. The website provides the latest news updates, maps, contact information, and opportunities to volunteer to help the people who have suffered because of the flooding. This site is part of the Google Crisis Response program, which allows for people to access information about natural disasters and other crises in order to volunteer or to find information about resources available to those who have experienced the crisis. 

The Google Official Queensland Flood Information Page includes resources for volunteers, victims, and those seeking news updates on the natural disaster. The page provides a brief overview of what occurred in Queensland, how many people are at risk from the flooding, and how to help or how to receive help. Google provides links to other news sources that include the most up-to-date information on the crisis and what volunteers can do to help. Also, visitors to the site can post a link to the Google information page on their Facebook, Google Buzz, Digg, or Twitter account, among others. For those who cannot donate time, there is also a link that visitors can use to donate funds to help the victims of the flooding in Queensland and the surrounding areas. 

The site is also helpful for those who have been affected by the floods. There is a full section of reference and contact information for emergency services in Queensland and the surrounding areas. Some of these organizations include the Red Cross, the Queensland Disaster Recovery Hotline, State Emergency Services, and the New South Wales Flood information hotline. The site includes phone numbers and website (if applicable) for these organizations so those who need their help can contact them. The Google site includes a map and updated meteorology reports for Queensland and Victoria to keep residents and family members up-to-date on the current weather conditions in these areas.

The Google Crisis Response program is dedicated to helping people get all of the help and information they need during difficult times. The Official Queensland Flood Information Page provides news reports from around the globe and provides a means through which volunteers and donors can help the victims of this natural disaster in every way possible, ensuring a swift and safe recovery for those in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.

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