Google Analytics Update

Google Analytics Update - Feb 2012

Google has rolled out a update to Analytics, tackling interface speed and design. You can read more about it at

A few key points:

  • Reports are now cached for your session – there is an option to refresh the data, keep an eye on the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • Reports based on sample data are now taken from 250,000 visits (previously 500,000) – this can be adjusted in a feature yet to be released
  • A progress bar is now visible while reports are generated – however, from our tests, it still hangs for a good 10-15 seconds once the progress bar is complete

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2 thoughts on “Google Analytics Update

  1. argh so many things you have to tweak and adjust now… they have also made it so much more complex for everyone at the same time… you can be comparing Apples to Oranges now…