Google Analytics Launches Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API

Tracking conversions and how they happen, which path they follow can be difficult, complex and confusing. That is why Google Analytics brought Multi-Channel Funnels to our dashboard. Now they decided to move forward with the idea by allowing developers to use that data.

multi channel funnels API at work

Google now officially has a Multi-Channel Funnels reporting API, as they announced on their blog.

The new API will allow for the following queries:

– Assisted Conversions

– First Interactions Conversions

– Last Interaction conversions

– Top Paths

– Path Length

– Time Lag

These are the basic queries that can be combined in order to get new type of data, like Google Analytics engineers suggested:

“Key use cases we’ve seen so far involve combining this conversion path data with other data sources, such as cost data, creating new visualizations, as well as using this data to automate processes such as bidding.”

They presented few of the examples of how the API was used in their blog post as well. If you are up for some exploring and testing go right ahead, because this API allows for some nice visualizations as far as we can see.




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