Google Algorithm Updates: June & July 2012 [Organised List]

Google’s massive list of June and July updates: Trimmed, merged and organised into five main areas: quality, query understanding, images, snippets and other.

Google Update

Page Quality:

  1. Several boosts and tweaks for high-quality content from trusted sources.
  2. Several Panda tweaks including algorithm and a fresh data feed.
  3. New and more efficient model used to find high quality sites.

Performance & Query Understanding:

  1. Data refresh for system used to better understand and search for long-tail queries.
  2. Better ordering of top results using a new ranking function for combining several key ranking features.
  3. Changes to an “official pages” algorithm to improve internationalization.
  4. Improved fresh content handling.
  5. Improvement in clustering of web results.
  6. Flights results now show for queries with destinations outside the US.
  7. Freshness algorithm now turned off in cases where freshness is not required.
  8. Multiple natural language query triggers improved.


  1. Google Images now return more on-topic image search results.
  2. Better understanding of the most important and most topically relevant images on a page.
  3. Tiny, unhelpful images filtered out of image search.
  4. Improved ability to show Images Universal on infrequently searched-for queries.
  5. This image display feature goes global.

Snippets & SERP Display:

  1. Sitelinks:
    1. Removed boilerplate text in sitelinks titles.
    2. More useful text in sitelinks.
    3. Improved clustering and ranking of links in the expanded sitelinks.
    4. Removal of generic boilerplate text.
  2. Clustering of web results better and simpler.
  3. Improved display of local business information in certain mobile use cases. (phone numbers, addresses).
  4. Better detection of  “article” pages to display more relevant snippet format.
  5. List upcoming events in the Knowledge Graph for city-related searches.
  6. Improvement in generating site hierarchies for display in search result snippets.
  7. News universal display uses entities from the Knowledge Graph.


  1. Now you can hover over a local result and see information about that place on the right-hand side.
  2. Algorithm for clustering web results from the same site or same path (same URL up until the last slash) more consistent. (One of many updates in this area)
  3. Better result diversity.
  4. Query Synonyms: Google is now less likely to show documents where the synonym has a different meaning than the original search term.


Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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