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If you want to get the most out of your Google ads, you will want them to include links to various pages of your website, rather than one link to the main landing page. Luckily, Google has provided the sitelinks ad extension feature, which enables you to show customers the various services you offer, with links directing them to more info.

If your ads are appearing at the top or bottom (rather than the side) of the Google search results pages, web searchers will be able to see your sitelinks. It is possible to include up to ten different sitelinks to be displayed with your ad.

Giving your customers options

Sitelinks add so much more value to your current advertising campaign because they make things easier for your customers. Say if a customer was searching for something in a vague way, without thinking too much, perhaps they will enter the search term ‘flights’.The ad that will be displayed in the search results could have links labelled ‘Get A Travel Quote’, ‘Speak Direct To A Consultant’, and ‘Book Online Now’.

As you can see, someone searching only for ‘flights’, but who may actually be interested in a certain flight special, destination or holiday package is now able to click on a link directly sending them to the information that interests them. If customers can get from A-B without any distractions and land on exactly the product, service or information they needed, they may be more likely to convert.

It’s free

Seeing as clicks on sitelinks cost the same amount as a normal click to your man landing page, you have nothing to lose by implementing them, so you should make use of the feature as soon as possible.

Existing Campaigns

Most users will be adding sitelinks to an existing campaign they already have running. To do this follow these steps:

1. Go to the campaigns area within Adwords and select the and click on the little drop down to the right and select the check box for “ad extensions”.

sitelinks selections

2. Once you have done this another tab should appear next to keywords called “extensions”. Click on this tab and make sure you select the “Sitelinks Extensions” option in the drop downs.

3. You then need to select the “new extensions” button and add you extensions from there.

New Campaigns

A few steps to get you started

1. Begin by logging into your AdWords account, selecting the ‘Campaigns’ tab and clicking on the ‘+New campaign’ button.

new campaign button

 2. Now you’ve started a new campaign you will be on the ‘Select campaign settings page’.

There will be a section with the heading ‘Ad extensions’ containing checkboxes for Location, Sitelinks, Call and Social. Check the box next to Sitelinks.

3. The Sitelinks options will now expand, allowing you to enter URLs (for your different landing pages) andLink text (to let customers know what lays beyond the links).

The order you do these in (e.g. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, etc.) are partially responsible for the order they will be displayed in, so take that into account when creating these and put your most important ones first.

If it’s all looking good after that, then just remember to click the ‘Save and continue” button and the changes will begin to affect your ad campaign.

Measure your results

If you’ve already had your sitelinks in place for a while you can check your performance within the Sitelinks extensions section by using the Segments drop down list and selecting Click type.

Remain relevant

Above all else, make sure the sitelinks you are using in your ads are relevant to what your potential customer might be searching for, this helps you make more sales and it also has the benefit of improving your click through rate (CTR) with Google, which means they’ll display your ads more often.

As always, your ad’s quality score is going to heavily determine whether people get a chance to see yoursitelinks or not, so you should be constantly striving to improve that as part of your general advertising strategy.

Aaron has worked both agency and client side since entering the Online Marketing industry over 4 years ago. He has a diverse range of skills, including: eDM, CRO, PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy and more.

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