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“We want Google to work so well, it just blends into your life. But sometimes it’s helpful to step back and take stock of what you’re doing online”, says Andreas Tuerk from Google while announcing their new service called “Account Activity” [1]. From today (23 March 2012) Google will allow its users to opt-in for the beta version of Account Activity and learn more about their interaction on Google’s new unified platform [2].

On the first step of the sign-up users will see a screen like this, offering an email opt-in to receive notification of new activities/reports:

Google Account Activity Reports give you a monthly summary of your account activity across many Google products.

With Account Activity Reports you can learn what’s going on in your account, e.g. how many emails you have sent and received, how often you have searched on Google, from which countries you have logged in and how often your YouTube videos have been viewed.

Every month the Account Activity Report will collect and summarise data across your Google account – e.g. sent emails or top searches. Data deletion at the data source, e.g. in your Web History will have no impact on issued reports, although reports can be deleted at any time.

Security Note: To maintain your safety and privacy, we may sometimes ask you to verify your password, even if you are already signed in. This may happen more frequently for services involving your personal information.

At the end of the sign-up process the following message is displayed:

Thank you for using Account Activity Reports.
We are now preparing your report. You will receive an email as soon as it is ready.

Designed to offer you transparency and control.
Summarises the data associated with each product that you use when signed in to your account.
Provides links to change your personal settings.

Here’s a screenshot provided by Google which illustrates the overview screen of user activities:

The new feature can also be used to improve user privacy and security by detecting unusual login activity (e.g. from countries you haven’t been to). Account Activity (beta) is yet another in series of privacy and personal data protection[3] initiatives[4] and updates[5]  from Google.







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