Google +1 Metrics Available in Webmaster Tools

Google is keeping busy as always, but in the last few days they have rolled out some major changes. They introduced rel=author markup as well as connection with your Google profiles, they have started Google+ project, which is still by invitation only, they started to change their design and will change it even more over the next few weeks, and starting last night we can even see +1 metrics in Google Webmaster tools.

+1 metricsWe were all wondering about how to measure the impact of Google +1, and they have provided us with the means to do so. We can check the total number of impressions in the SERP and then compare it with and without Google +1, that will give us an idea how +1 is affecting out organic rankings. Also we can compare clickthrough rates to measure if +1 button had any effect on users actions as a recommendation.

This is not the only addition in Webmaster tools, we can see how many times each of the pages have been +1’d and we can also see demographics about people that +1’d our pages as well. In addition to Webmaster tools Google has rolled out an improvement to Google Analytics as well, an improvement that will help us see how users tend to share our content, and not only for +1, but for Twitter, Facebook and other social networks as well.

By setting up social tracking plugin using analytics we can see the social engagement effect on our website visits. If the users that come through Twitter stay longer, the ones that +1’d your pages tend to visit more pages in one stay and so on. We can also see the total number of tweets, likes, +1’s in one place using Analytics and also, we can identify the high shared pages, maybe even the ones that just need to be a bit pushed to reach the tipping point and maybe even go viral.

These are some great additions to Google Webmaster tools and Analytics, we know that social sharing and social media are becoming more and more important, and Google has acknowledged that a long time ago and is now following up with the possibility of tracking those results.

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