Fresh Content Replacements Showing in GWT – Detected New Page Alert

Few days ago an SEO reported a new page detected[1] alert in Google Webmaster Tools. This was reported on the Webmaster World forums, apparently the page which was probably 301-ed has replaced the old page in Google search results. Now that wouldn’t be anything amazing or newsworthy, but the person claims that he saw that after getting an alert in GWT ‘Detected New Page’, which stated:

The URL is no longer appearing in Google search results because our algorithms have selected instead. Please see this Help Center article for more information about this message.

We still can’t find any similar incident among the sites we have in our webmaster tools, but if this is not just a part of some test but an actual update that we will be seeing in the future, this can be really useful. Not just for the pages that we ourselves redirected or placed canonical tags on, which will help us by giving us alerts the moment our SEO tactics take effect.

Google has recently made live plenty of their updates and the speed at which they are pushing their changes is amazing. Another update you can see in GWT is the Other Resources link, which helps you with:

GWT other resources


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