Email Marketing: 10 Tips to Success

When it comes to email marketing, you will find that the process can be slightly complicated. By not having the right email campaigns in place, you can potentially cause yourself some unnecessary stress and end up hitting a black list. Instead, a good idea will be to focus on the elements that can help you it be successful in this process.

Tip # 1: Content is King
Before you send your information out, you need to verify that it meets certain requirements. The first is to look at the email marketing approach that you are taking. The information in your email campaigns should be relevant to the topic you are presenting. It should also provide value to your readers beyond any product or service that you are selling.
That means you should take the time to think about a particular issue that a person might be having and a solution you can offer them. With that solution, you can also present your product as an item that will help you to get your campaign up and running.

Tip # 2: Building a Mailing List
Randomly sending out emails will get you blacklisted on certain servers. In addition to that, you will find that this can be considered spam and you can have legal consequences associated with it. A good approach to take and avoid any problems is to build a list of clients that welcome communication from you or interested sources.
When you have begun to build the list, it will be important that you keep it organized and up to date as well. This means that you take the time to remove people as needed and separate people into lists of interests, so your communication in your email marketing only goes to the individuals that would be interested or benefit from the email campaigns that they receive.

Tip # 3: Clean and Streamlined Design
Your e-mails should be easy to read and there shouldn’t be pictures that take away from the content. Instead, you will want your information to be easily navigated and something that can be accessed without a long loading time.

Tip # 4: Limit Your Imagery
Another important factor you will want to keep in mind during this process is that images should be used sparingly in e-mails. The more images you have in your email marketing, the greater the risks of someone’s spam filter snagging it. In addition, it increases the file size and will take people longer to view your message.

Tip # 5: Cross-Client Compatibility
When you are working with the email template, you need to ensure that you have the proper encoding on it as well. This means that your format should work in any recipients email, no matter if they are using a version of Outlook, Thunderbird or even Gmail.

Tip # 6: Platforms for Delivery
When you are working on your email campaigns, it will be important that you are using an email marketing system rather than a single email client. With these services for your email marketing strategies, you will be able to have them review your content to ensure it meets guidelines, manage lists and report statistics on your campaigns. That will help to ensure you have the best possible delivery method as well. Plus you increase your delivery odds and can focus more on your customer base.

Tip # 7: Spam Compliance
Because Spamming people can lead to legal consequences, you need to be sure that you adhere to some very basic guidelines.
* Obtain permission through a newsletter subscribe form from a website.
* There must be an opt-in option on your form. This should be checked by the individual to show they are interested.
* If there is an offline form, you must have notified them contact would be made.
* You may only contact customers who have made a purchase in the last 2 years.

Tip # 8: Be Mindful of Timing
You are going to find that the best approach is going to be to test the market and determine the best times for your marketing campaign. Keep in mind that there are going to be particular days and times that will be more effective as customers will be able to focus on your email marketing more at certain times. Test the waters until you find the perfect time for them.

Tip # 9: Test, Test, Test
When you are testing email templates, you will want to be sure that they work for everyone who receives them. That means you take the time to ensure that different clients and readers will be able to display the image according to your specifications.

Tip # 10: Use Reporting to Improve Your Campaign Success
Simply sending out your email marketing is going to have no effect on the process. You need to take the time to look at your email campaigns and use the reporting tools to help you to gauge your success and the effectiveness of you campaigns.

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