EGOL Said It

In 2004 Rand Fishkin posted a slightly ‘conspiratory’ but fun question on SEO Chat forum about Google’s use of toolbar data. Rand later published EGOL’s opinion on SEOMoz giving it a fair amount of emphasis. Shame the reactions at the time were quite weak.

Here is the part from the original post:

“…tool that watches SEOers for you – the GG toolbar. It tracks what websites everyone visits, how long they stay, etc. You know that SEOs use this toolbar, especially because you’ve included pagerank into it. Other factors can help you flag and identify SEOers too – multiple searches for the same term all the time, constant visits to a site and the sites that link to it, etc…”

EGOL responded with some very valuable points and I will highlight a few:

“…google is starting to count links and onpage SEO elements less and placing increasing importance on unique and non repetitious content. That is why you see all of the giant travel sites with duplicate textblocks and repetitious pages dropping from view.”

“When I see people posting that they are spending thousands a month on backlinks I am wondering if they would have better success spending that same amount on people who will write content, build tools and create informative graphics.”

EGOL Said It

“Someday, google will rank a site mainly, if not entirely, by its content. You can bull**** people with links but content is the only measure of true value.”

The above advice resonates strongly in light of the recent, more aggressive actions Google has undertaken to filter out thin useless content and remove emphasis on links – in particular the effect of exact match anchor text.

One thing many doubted Google would adopt was the human factor, and that seems to be shifting with their recent attack on the social media sector.

For all those affected by series of recent algorithm changes in Google’s ‘matrix’, just think about it, you had seven years of:

a) Renting links
b) Work on your content

Which pill did you take?

Dan Petrovic is a well-known Australian SEO and a managing director of Dejan SEO. He has published numerous research articles in the field of search engine optimisation and online marketing. Dan's work is highly regarded by the world-wide SEO community and featured on some of the most reputable websites in the industry.

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