Google Webmaster Tools Update: Download to Spreadsheet

Google does listen to webmasters and here’s another proof. We can now download webmaster tools data to Google Spreadsheets.

Google Doc Download

What’s so special about this? Well for starters many of you will remember that we used to have only 30 days worth of traffic/ranking data. Google upgraded this to 90 days recently, but without change parameters. At one point Python script was introduced to those who were savvy enough to use it but most webmasters found that method of data retrieval too alien.

GWT Google Doc

In several hangouts with Google we suggested that the ‘download to Google doc’ option would be helpful and clearly other webmasters though the same as Google has finally decided to implement this option for everybody.

Automatic Google Doc Storage? Not yet.

We were hoping there would be an option for webmasters to opt-in for automated web traffic and ranking data archiving to Google Docs but this is not available at this stage. Basically this would be an option to archive all the data which is about to expire from the standard 30 day period after which change figures are lost and additional 60 days past which there is no history.

There is a chance Google may implement this feature in the future so if you feel strongly about this please let them know.

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