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Cloud ComputingDEJAN SEO is a company consisting of twenty-one SEO fanatics located in Australia and Europe. SEO is “search engine optimisation,” so it’s safe to assume that most, if not all, of the company’s work is completed ‘online. We are able to provide our customers outstanding SEO results effectively using a stable Internet connection, so there is rarely ever a reason to print anything.

With that said, there is no doubt that we are diehard Internet users, and in being so, we were interested in learning more about Google’s initiative to move towards “cloud computing.” We were given very appealing data using their “Gone Google” mini site. They revealed what could occur if we, DEJAN SEO, went Google.

The data was enticing!

By switching over to Google Apps, DEJAN SEO could save up to $31,147 a year. Considering that Google Apps only costs $50 dollars per user per year, that is less than what we’d spend on filling morning coffee cups!

Google Apps would enable employees at DEJAN SEO to be 2.8 times more efficient when away from the office. Everyone would be able to access files from anywhere with a viable internet connection. Many electronic devices such as Blackberry®, smartphones, PDAs, Macs or PCs are ALL compatible with Google Apps. Also, Google’s email server, “Gmail” offers incredible amounts of storage space, which happens to be 50 times larger than the industry standard. Gmail organizes emails into threads creating a 47% decrease in used space. That’s equivalent to 1,290,652 emails! Employees could spend less time deleting unwanted emails and more time writing them! Gmail provides enough storage space so that you don’t have to worry about your inbox filling up.

They also accommodate you with a spam filtering tool, so employees no longer have to spend 584 hours deleting spam and encourages less worry about viruses. Gmail would also enable DEJAN SEO employees to increase their communication time by 36% with integrated IM, voice and video chat. We already rely heavily on Skype for inbound and outbound calling, now we can have all facets covered with Gmail. For us at DEJAN SEO, it’s important for us to be stable and reliable, and being more efficient only promises more, and in turn gives us more time to care for our customers needs. We have always been under the impression that technology makes life easier, however that’s not always the case. If 10 employees at DEJAN SEO were all making revisions on the same document, then there would have 10 versions of basically the same document floating around. Luckily, with Google Apps, documents can be saved in one place for all to access.

This makes things much easier as we at DEJAN SEO have learned. We’ve already begun using Google Docs for a few internal documents that our employees needed access to and we definitely see the benefits of using it. Google Apps also provides tools for automatically installing updates and security patches. That allows our company to save 21 hours of work time that had previously been dedicated to installing patches and changing passwords, now we can utilize our time more profitably, like using it to do link building. Google Apps will also enable employees at DEJAN SEO less time spent worrying about lost data from lost or stolen laptops.

Having equipment lost or stolen is never fun, but with Google Apps, all of our data can be stored online. This means our company will spend $59,529 less in recovering lost data. Having the ability to perform our tasks 99.9% of the time with out these common hold backs, DEJAN SEO employees will be able to work 567 hours more in productivity time annually. Normally server systems experience the monthly downtime, but fortunately with Google Apps, DEJAN SEO can experience a more beneficial system of accessing emails and files with no planned downtime, and Google installs automatic updates so there will be no waiting for new stuff! The benefits of switching to Google Apps seem endless. Overall, if DEJAN SEO were to do so, the total time saved equals to 1,172 hours annually, and the money saved equals to a whopping $93,828 a year. Obviously Google has something figured out.

Through their system of cloud computing and they’re helpful ways in showing just how much DEJAN SEO could benefit from using Google Apps, it’s only a matter of time before they and many other companies will use these integrated applications. Maybe Google Apps should calculate all the time lost from contemplating the switch! Download the PDF version (images included)

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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