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Creativity Equals Branding and Traffic in the Online World

Can anyone guess what a driving school and a userstyle for Google docs have to do with one another? Well, as it appears, a whole lot of traffic, as a matter a fact, a 1500% increase in traffic. I recently wrote about fun branding, but this is a great example how something clearly unrelated can be of great use for a brand online.

linen userstyle

A Brisbane driving school No Yelling recently got a feel of how much a simple burst of creativity can go a long way in online marketing. By talking to them I was able to get away with some insights that could be used for any branding and promotional campaign you can plan in the future. So let’s learn from No Yelling, which is the name of the company, the first thing that grabs attention and separates them from the rest, and there is more.

What they did

The guys from No Yelling created a userstyle for Google docs, a linen background style that I have to admit is far greater than the old style white background. So it’s not something amazing, it’s not something everyone will like, and only a small percentage of people will find this useful. The idea they had was not promotion, they did it for themselves in their free time and from such a burst of creativity came something great.

What they got

One of the guys saw that Web.Appstorm tweeted the userstyle which immediately lead to a traffic spike, so they thought maybe there is more to it, and they were right.


Just short after that they submitted the userstyle to TechCrunch, and what do you know, they got featured! Yup, their linen userstyle was posted on TechCrunch just like that, which lead to Smashing Magazine tweeting that along with several other heavy influencers. As it turned out, for the next 3 days they had the 1500% traffic of what they usually have. Now that’s good promotion.

smashing magazine

What they learned

  1. Any creative idea is a good idea
  2. Promote and pitch your idea to the right demographics
  3. Be prepared for the traffic surge
  4. Don’t segment the viral source
  5. Think of more creative ideas

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