Control the ads you see with ‘Mute this Ad’

Google have recently announced that they are introducing a ‘mute this ad’ button for ads on their Google Display Network.

How To Mute

The ‘mute this ad’ button will be in the form of a small [x], which will appear beside display ads.  The user then has the chance to click this button in order stop that ad from appearing.  Users are then led to a confirmation page, in case users click the [x] by mistake.  So far, the ‘mute this ad’ button has been introduced for ads based on remarketing and interest categories.

Not All Ads Are Muted

From now on, users can block the Google Display network ads they don’t want to see.  If a user mutes an ad, they won’t see any more ads from that campaign, however, may still be exposed to similar ads from different campaigns or adgroups.

Win, Win?

According to Michael Aiello, Product Manager at Google, this new feature will be beneficial to users, advertisers and publishers: “We believe this early-look feature can bring benefits to the entire ecosystem: users have a way to control their experience and signal that they aren’t interested in certain ads; advertisers are no longer paying to show ads to people who aren’t interested; and publishers will receive better performing (and potentially more valuable) ads, and spend less time filtering out ads they think won’t be of interest to their audience.”


As with most updates, the ‘Mute this ad’ function also has its critics.  Some argue that this function may be counterproductive for advertisers, who rely on impressions, as control shifts from the advertiser to the user.

If advertisers had access to data indicating why people are muting ads, ads and ad delivery could be better targeted.  At this stage, Google are not providing advertisers with metrics on ad mutes, however, are considering doing so in the future.

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