Code Club: Teaching Children to Code

Code Club is a visionary new organisation dedicated to generating interest in and teaching children to code. They want to establish a free nationwide after school club for children aged 10-11 where the children will learn coding. Some of their objectives include getting a code club set up in a quarter of all primary schools in the UK by 2014 and to make coding a fun and cool activity for children to get excited about.

They aim to do this by helping any interested volunteer to sell the idea to the head teacher at that volunteer’s school. The Code Club organisation will then offer to write up to 12 weeks of lessons for the programme. What they need to accomplish this goal is an ‘army of code teaching volunteers’ who will sign up to help organise and run the individual schools’ programmes. After the 12 week introductory term that the organisation has designed for the schools to implement initially, they suggest a “Hackday,” where the volunteers will develop interesting projects for the children to work on. They are currently seeking donations, as up until now all the expenses have come out of the creators’ own pockets. The plan with the donations is eventually to be registered as a charity, which requires that they raise at least £5000.

In order to help spread the word, the Code Club organisation has created a viral video for youtube.

Tim Berners-Lee: "I invented the World Wide Web"

In this video, a panel of children interview some highly successful adults in the tech field to be volunteers. They interview and reject a large number of them, despite having such impressive feats on their resumés as having invented the world wide web. Eventually they hire a man for saying that he knows some ‘influential people’, including his mother. The video is absolutely adorable, as well as having been very professionally shot. It seems very neat and clean, and the children do a great job. The premise also creates for a good deal of humour, with the traditional power roles reversed and the children exhibiting such phenomenally high standards in their procedure for hiring a volunteer. I would not be surprised in the slightest if this video does go very viral (getting millions of views). It’s a brilliant way to increase awareness of and interest in the organisation, and one which manifests in itself the utility of a Code Club.

The future is digital.


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