Christmas Datalicious Session @ Dejan SEO



What does an SEO team do with a box of Christmas Cadbury Favourites? Why, we empty the content and sort the chocolates in groups to see the volumes. Then we track the goal conversions to see which chocolates disappear first.

The initial results are as follows. Chocolate volumes and conversions in the first five minutes!


Chocolate Volume Conversions
Turkish Delight 3 3
Dream 6 1
Crunchie 7 1
Caramello 6 1
Moro 3 0
Flake 3 1
Dairy Milk 7 0
Boost 5 1
Time Out 9 1
Picnic 7 0
Cherry Ripe 7 3

Watch the full video:

We have been discussing with the guys over at Datalicious regarding us ranking for their brand over the years. We like what they are doing over there – “Turning data into actionable insights.” Check them out at for some great data intelligence.

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