Celebrating 3000 Followers on Google+

Last week I noticed that my follower count was nearly 3000 and started paying attention in hope to catch the 3000th one and make a little fuss over it. Once you are in the thousands of followers, they tend to jump up and down but Dave Byrne was the one that nudged me into 3000 for the first time. I reached out to him and invited him to pick a charity on https://www.justgiving.com

Dave’s choice was the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSHCC).

Charity Donation

Last year I did something similar on Twitter, I sold my 2000th tweet on eBay for $217.50 and donated the money to http://www.beaheroaustralia.org/ but felt that the amount was just not big enough, so I’ve come up with this…

Coffee Strike!

I created a  fundraiser page and they suggested I make it a personal challenge to encourage donations. I picked the most difficult challenge I can think of. I’m not drinking coffee until I raise £1000 more for Dave’s favourite charity.

No Coffee

Please give. I feel like coffee.


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