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Emotions are back in fashion!


Emotions – especially love – have been appearing more frequently in literature in the last ten years. “Love,” although always popular, has skyrocketed in use since 2000, as the Google Ngram shows. So too have the words “sad,” “hate” and “happy.” “Feelings,” too, has seen some growth since the 1960s – though since the “summer of love,” emotions seem to have been less taboo.…

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Google Crisis Response Includes Queensland Flood Information

Live Link: http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/queensland_floods.html

The Google Official Queensland Flood Information Page is a helpful resource for anyone looking for more information about the recent floods in this region of Australia. The website provides the latest news updates, maps, contact information, and opportunities to volunteer to help the people who have suffered because of the flooding.…

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Google Body Browser

Google Body Browser is a new online application launched in December by Google labs. It is designed to allow users to look up any organ in the human body and learn more about it in three dimensional space.

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Impact on Business as Skype Goes Offline

Skype Whale Goes Belly Up!

84 per cent of Skype users in Australia reported similar or increased usage of Skype this holiday period over the same period last year. ibtimes.com
In February 2009 IT News publishes a story titled “Skype targets Aussie small business users” and announces that “A third of Skype’s 405 million registered accounts use the software for business.” In 2010 the trend of business use of Skype continues to rise, until today – when those same millions of users now have no means of communication with their customers and all that just before Christmas.…

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Basics of Viral Marketing

A successful viral marketing campaign can spread farther and faster than a traditional campaign on a fraction of the budget. Just consider for a moment that the average Superbowl takes in around a hundred million viewers, while Tay Zonday’s Youtube sensation Chocolate Rain has been viewed sixty million times, not counting the "cloned" versions of the video that others have posted, which often rank in the millions.…

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Reading Levels in Advanced Search

Google has introduced a new filter option for its advanced search function. Under the “Advanced Search” link on Google’s home page is the option to filter search results by reading level. The default option shows no reading levels, and all search results show up just like they always have.…

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Backtype – A Cool Tool for Measuring Social Media Impact

Backtype ScreenshotBacktype is a new marketing intelligence service launched by Christopher Golda and Mike Montano. It allows users to find, follow, and share blog comments made about different sites across the Internet. It tracks the “social impact” of websites and companies by finding blog posts on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and reddit.com that mention the site.…

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Yahoo! challenges Google with Rich Search Assist

Yahoo Rich Assist Screenshot

On Sept 8th 2010, Google launched its Google Instant feature, a modification to the Google Search engine supported by more advanced information referencing systems.Google advertises its “faster than the speed of type” engine by claiming that its new search application saved internet users 2-5 seconds per search, is a more intelligent guide to finding desired information, and gives instant results at the onset of typing.With the new Google Instant Previews, Google hopes to build on its model search engine by allowing the user to see snapshots of web pages by clicking on the magnifying glass near the search space.…

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Spammers Selling Links on a Hacked Australian Site

Group of Eight (http://www.go8.edu.au) is likely to be the only Australian website with Google PageRank 10. The extremely high PageRank is explained by the fact that it’s linked from the eight of the strongest Australian universities. For a while now this site has been a target of various organisations trying to get in, however this year it has been under repetitive attack of blackhat SEOs and hackers.…

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