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Sydney Photos by Tourists and Locals

Here is an example of smart data visualisation. An image of Sydney published on Flickr by Eric Fischer indicating differences between where tourists and locals choose to take photos from…


Multilingual Content Markup now Active in Google

Google added another link markup that will help webmasters stay away from the duplicate content issue, we are talking about multilingual content markup[1]. This can work in two examples, first one is different variations of the same language, like UK and US English or for websites featuring different languages.…


Common Crawl: The Open Search Engine

 Somewhere in the IP range between and lurks a fresh new bot, crawling and weaving an open web free from the shroud of mystery and secret algorithms of Google and Bing. …


Applying Random Surfer Model to Peer-to-Peer Network Distribution

Author: Dan Petrovic,

Digital information preservation is a hot topic and a fertile ground for many bubbling solutions and models in both practice and theory. One of the emerging issues revolves around the fact that there is more information being produced today than we’re able to store and analyse, not to mention attempts at prioritisation and archiving.…


Google Analytics: Removing Search Query Data

Yesterday Google released an article on the official Google Analytics blog [1] outlining a new change to the reporting of organic traffic which was rolled out at the same time as the article. Basically, Google claims that they are now trying harder to “protect” their users by no longer reporting the organic query terms of anyone who is logged into their account.…


The Future of Search: Interfaces

According to Vernor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil [1] we’re at the dawn of technological singularity. According to their theory, in a few decades (circa 2045) technological advancement will reach a critical mass and result in an explosion of advancements in fields of science and technology.


Google Pagination rel Link Element Support

In today’s of series of updates and announcements by Google – an absolute gem popped up [1]. Handling of previous and next links in paginated navigation via rel [2]. …


Google Reconsideration Requests Now More Transparent

Google is listening to webmasters and the proof for that is their recent commitment to more transparent reconsideration requests [1]. …


Bought, Owned & Earned media types

After speaking with someone recently about the different types of media that a company or organisation can make use, I thought I should put a short article together to cover this in more detail.

To clarify, this article is pertaining to forms of “online media” only and is not written with traditional “offline media” in mind.


Google Plus SEO, What Does it Equal?

Google+Google Plus has now been live just over a month. It has amassed over 20 million users since its time of release, even though technically it is still in its beta version and hasn’t even been properly released yet, which is saying something.…


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