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Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool is one of the most popular phrase research tools in the SEO community and many rely on it to understand traffic volumes behind phrases as well as level of competition for individual phrases.…

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Google Analytics: Removing Search Query Data

Yesterday Google released an article on the official Google Analytics blog [1] outlining a new change to the reporting of organic traffic which was rolled out at the same time as the article. Basically, Google claims that they are now trying harder to “protect” their users by no longer reporting the organic query terms of anyone who is logged into their google.com account.…

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Google Trusted Stores – Becoming a Google Certified Store is now an Option

Google released a new feature, Google Trusted Stores[1], which will help your store become a greater authority and even more recognized than it is right now. With a Google certificate in your header most people will understand that you run a professional service that can be trusted, so this is one Google service we can all look forward to.…

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Google Analytics Real-Time

Change and speed are inevitable on the internet. Web content is changing quicker than ever. A web owner used to be able to launch their website and change the content if a new product was added. Extra work was not required with this business model.…

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Google updates Instant Preview feature to be truly Instant

As part of an ongoing process to improve browsing experiences, Google has rolled out an update to their Instant Preview feature.

Previously, you had to click on the magnifying glass icon to to the side of a search result in the SERPs to get a snapshot of the webpage along with a snippet of text that appeared in the SERPs.…

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