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Are you harnessing the power of Google Image search?

Google Image Search is a wonderful search tool that lets you search for images specifically and whilst it’s not a new member of the Google family, it’s certainly proving itself to be even more valuable moving forward.

Image Search has evolved to include features that let you refine your search, from image size to colour and even if it has a face or is a photo or is clip art.…

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One Domain & Multiple Geo Targets

Google Webmaster allows site owners to target their site with geo-location. However, many site owners wonder if they can target their site for different locations. Fortunately, it is possible to use Google Webmaster to target the same site for multiple geo-locations.…

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Will boilerplate text get my site penalised?

With the Panda updates of 2011 sending webmasters into a flurry to adjust their content to be ultra unique, there’s some questions being raised about legitimate instances where you have to repeat certain bits of text across all or some pages on your website.…

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Do Small Sites Need Sitemaps?

A Sitemaps main purpose is to help robots find pages of a site that might not be able to be found otherwise. Having a Sitemap would make sense if you have a site with high volumes of pages, bad structure or poor internal linking.…

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Broken Links

Broken links are an old problem but also a great opportunity for many websites. In this article I will outline practical ways you can look at broken links in SEO context to improve your rankings, protect your reputation and provide great user experience.…

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