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DEJAN is a leading digital marketing agency specialising in SEO strategy and AdWords Management for a variety of businesses. Our team members are also experts in a number of other marketing and web development disciplines and can provide services such as conversion optimisation and content marketing.

We have been operating from our Brisbane office since 2008. DEJAN Brisbane acts as the headquarters for a talented team of consultants based around Australia and Europe. This is where our core management and strategy team operate to run campaigns for local businesses, online retailers and large corporations.

Full Digital Marketing Strategy

There’s no need to pinpoint one area of digital marketing that you wish to carry out. Our team at DEJAN is multifaceted and more than competent at virtually all disciplines of digital marketing. With this in mind, a full digital marketing strategy might be the best option for you.

With a full digital marketing strategy, a large and complex website can reap the benefits of:


SEO Services

To this day, search engine optimisation has made our Brisbane based agency famous in the wider, global SEO community. We exclusively perform safe SEO strategies that gain long-term search visibility for our clients.

The most effective SEO services to be implemented will depend on your market size and the type of business you run. Our experience in consulting for a range of clients means we can advise you on what would be the best option.

Kick Starter

If you run a local business and haven’t engaged in SEO previously, the Kick Starter is the most suitable service for you. The campaign runs for one month and puts in place all the fundamental steps needed to improve your rankings and online presence in the future.

We will first look at what keywords your website is currently ranking for and review their relevance and performance. With this assessment, we can then provide recommendations for your targeted keywords and landing pages that will improve your position on Google. Your Google Webmaster Tools account will also be expertly set up so we can interpret vital insights impacting your website.


An online retailer can improve their sales and conversions by ranking for the right short and long-tail keywords. An SEO campaign for an eCommerce website is effective for just about any size of online shop as well, whether you sell just a few products or many.

A customer behaviour analysis will be performed to understand how your website will best be found, followed by the production of a targeted keyword focus list. Additional content that aligns with your products and pages will be added along with Rich Snippets that promote your business ahead of your competition. Our team will also comprehensively review all of your backlinks so your rankings are not compromised by irrelevant and poor quality links.


SEO for companies that operate around the country with many locations require a sophisticated strategy and significantly more research. Our National SEO campaign is tailor-made for these type of businesses and can deliver positive results for each and every location page existing within its domain.

The result of our intuitive in-house developed tools combined with the experience and know-how of our SEO department means we can select a number of targeted and effective search phrases. This will form the base of the campaign that aims to propel your website above your competitors’ on Google. We also have a deep understanding of Google’s stringent quality guidelines that will determine the success of any SEO campaign.


There is much more at stake for a large corporation or a brand known internationally when spreading key branding messages online. The value in appearing high on search results is also quite high and can deliver incredible results and authoritative brand awareness.

Our Corporate SEO service is ideal for a company targeting highly competitive search phrases with a distinguished image and reputation to uphold. With this campaign, we will optimise web pages and content in compliance with Google’s quality guidelines and analyse how we can improve other elements of your domain to improve your rankings, traffic and branding.

For more details about our SEO Services, call 1300 123 736 to book an appointment with a consultant or send an enquiry online.

AdWords Management

We also have extensive experience managing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook and other platforms. Our Google Certified campaign managers offer a competitive difference by monitoring and split-testing ad copy as well as trialling different keywords and ad placements to lower Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) and improve ROI.

Running a paid search campaign alongside other digital marketing efforts is a great way to corner your market and substantially improve search visibility. We offer a variety of paid search campaigns for small businesses, eCommerce websites and companies operating in multiple regions and countries.

Local PPC

One of the main benefits of performing a paid search campaign for a local business is the ability to budget efficiently while still reaching customers local to their region. In addition, there are many key metrics that can be tracked to log the campaign’s performance.

PPC advertising can be one of the most targeted forms of advertising, especially when utilising our finely tuned formulas and in-house analytical tools. We will track multiple data sets and optimise your campaign to obtain the highest ROI.

eCommerce PPC

PPC can yield strong returns for online retailers by setting precise budget allocations and ad placements. Insightful strategy building by our Google certified campaign managers sets the foundations for profitable returns and conversions.

Covering the scale of some eCommerce websites can be a challenge but is something our paid search department have had ample experience with in the past. We will structure your PPC accounts so they can be easily optimised and expanded to achieve maximum reach.

National PPC

Our National PPC campaign is ideal for larger companies based all around the country. Highly relevant keywords will be targeted for each of your locations and customers to encourage return purchases or conversions.

Collaboration between our in-house copywriters and paid search department ensures that your ads will contain engaging copy that sells your product and brand. This will increase your click-through rate (CTR) and market penetration. Constant experimentation with different unique selling points and market segmentation keeps the campaign fresh and capable of delivering better ROI.

Corporate PPC

Running a paid search campaign for a corporate brand will not only increase sales and CTR, but compliment other digital marketing activities to improve brand awareness. Advanced PPC techniques employed by our experienced campaign managers can precisely target your ideal market across multiple advertising platforms.

Custom alerts and tightly themed AdGroups helps maintain campaign efficiency and a low CPA or Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Ongoing tracking of KPIs and primary conversions also allow us to optimise all factors affecting the performance of your campaign.

Content Marketing

An effective content marketing campaign is now essential for anybody wanting to build their brand and increase their search visibility. Creative content on your site, blog or social media pages will engage users more and significantly boost your referral traffic, which is highly valued by Google.

Learn more about our content marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The returns from any digital marketing strategy can be greatly improved with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Elements on your website that may seem insignificant at first could be stalling your customer acquisition and sales.

Our clinical methodology involved with undertaking CRO includes A/B split testing and analysing highly revealing datasets. Heatmaps also allow us to discover what areas of your landing pages are most highly navigated by your customers. All of this critical analysis can pinpoint exactly what needs to be worked on to achieve higher conversion rates and better ROI.

Our Process

We follow a proven 3-step process for each campaign; Discovery, Strategy and Execution.

During the Discovery stage we analyse your website’s content, current and prospective links and your competitor’s search presence.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of your business we will devise a Strategy with a detailed breakdown of planned activities, deliverables and timeframes.

The final Execution of your SEO solution includes constant reporting and competitor tracking, SEO-friendly marketing tips and a campaign to build the link profile of your site.

Visit our FAQ page to answer any questions you might have about our services.

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