Breadcrumbs coming to AdWords Ads

Breadcrumb navigation for websites has been around for years to help users easily navigate and keep track of where they are on a particular section of the site. This feature can aid in:

  • Increased usability
  • Better user experience
  • Increase conversion

With this in mind it makes sense for Google to integrate something similar into their AdWords ad format – which they now seem to be doing in beta as first reported here by periscopix. This new ad element has not been formally announced however, with Search Engine Land mentioning they had requested, but not received a response from Google as yet.

What do they look like?

In the image below it seems as though this feature will be following the traditional breadcrumb style


Breadcrumbs in AdWords explained

Google notes:For some advertisers, we’ll automatically add breadcrumbs to ads that appear at the top or bottom of Google search results, helping to make your ads more relevant to customers. Customers can click an individual breadcrumb link to quickly navigate to the page or section of your website that they find relevant.” Read more about AdWords Breadcrumbs from Google.

Google makes no mention of criteria needed to have the feature displayed; however, I’m certain that factors such as Quality Score will come into play just as they do with AdWords Ad Extension such as, Site Links and Location Extensions.


The cost of a click on a breadcrumb link will be the same as a click on the headline of the ad and I gather will be charged depending on the pricing model you have selected for that campaign (CPC, CPA, etc.)


To view the performance of the ad you will need to go into the ads sections of your campaign and do the following:

  • Select a desired date range
  • Click on the “Segment’ tab below the “Ads” tab
  • Click on “Click type”

This will show you what part of the ad generated the click.

How to get it in your ads

Google has a history of testing features like this in the UK or US for months or sometimes even years before they are rolled out in Australia. However, if you advertise in one of these countries or just want to prepare yourself for the feature when/if it comes to Australia then you will need to make sure you have breadcrumbs enabled on the landing page the ad is linked to.

If you already have breadcrumbs enabled on your site then you’re already ready for this feature when it fully available in AdWords. If you do not have breabcrumbs enabled you can view this article on rich snippets, which shows you what to do to get your site ready.


This is yet another move by Google to make AdWords ads look more like the organic results which means more revenue for them and less free clicks from your organic results. The upside is this feature will help make you competitive against other advertisers who don’t have breadcrumbs enabled. In turn, this will create higher CTRs, higher conversion rate and better Quality Scores (cheaper clicks)

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