Blekko Launches ROCKZi – New Social Media Site

Another search engine decided to get their own social data and social signals, not the one we expected though. This time it’s Blekko and their new social site is called ROCKZi. They followed in the footsteps of Google and Bing, but for me this move was rather confusing and unexpected.

ROCKZi   Read. Vote. Rock.

The new social network resembles Pinterest very much. The major difference is that the boards contain news instead of photos. The current slogan reads Read. Vote. Rock. Yeah, it actually has a voting system which is a let down. After all, we moved from Digg types a long time ago, the closest thing I go to voting these days is and only because is targeted to a specific community.

The only thing we can hope for is that Blekko will use the data gathered from the new social site in the future to improve the search data. Which is their ultimate goal according to their press release. One thing is for sure, it’s not new, it doesn’t revolutionize the way we find content (like they said in the press release) so as for now I am still confused about the need for this social site.

Up until now Blekko was only praised, and for a reason, they have made great improvements in a short time, so I hope that this is one of their great ideas masked with confusion, because at this point I don’t see much use for another Digg/Pinterest clone.

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