Bing Search New Design & Maybe Even More

Bing has been loyal to their look for quite some time now, but with Google making massive changes to how they look, how they display results and what results they display they probably figured it was time for them to step in and change a few things as to improve the usability.

bing new design

Well, Bing changed their search design[1] to a cleaner look that should focus on search without any distractions. It’s faster loading, and the first things you will notice is that it’s pure white, no more bluish lines, no more left left rail and the header is minimized, so the page is open for browsing and the user can catch the results easier.

That is not all that Bing says they will do in the future, this is just one of the first changes we will see, the next one should be regarding the homepage image, so stay tuned to any change that comes your way from Bing.

Unfortunately, the overall effect the new design had on me personally was really diminished when I started doing some queries to see how it responds. For several queries I personally track that were in top results in Google and Bing are no longer there (were last week)! But after the changes in Google, guess what happened, Bing also removed those high ranking results from their own pages.

Most of you know that Bing was accused of stealing Google’s results[2] for their own, now I’m lead to believe that Bing just happened to up their algo the same time and in the same way Google did. What we saw in Google search results were most likely results of Penguin update, so I’m asking the community and Bing at the same time, why did the exact same queries that lost rankings in Google disappear from Bing as well in less than a week?

If you have enough ranking data from both Bing and Google for the past month please do share, I would like to hear anyone’s take on this.



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