Bing & Bing Webmaster Tools Rise to Power

While Google seems to push webmasters to the limit of their patience with new updates and rules Bing seems to be claiming more and more followers with updates that were brought by listening to the complaints of the unsatisfied webmasters tired of Google’s rein.

Disavow Links   Bing Webmaster Tools

We’ve seen plenty of those in Bing Webmaster tools recently; one of my favorites is the Disavow Link section. To make things clear, this is not a new update; it happened a month ago, you can read the details here. As you can see in the blog post another thing Bing did was improve the SEO analyzer. You can read more about Bing webmaster updates in one of recent posts.

In that post we mentioned some of the updates Bing made, like addition of Link Explorer as well as Bing Keyword Research tool, and also SEO report section. Markup validator is one of the most useful tools I have seen a long time, but the greatest effect on me has the Disavow link section located in the site configuration section of Bing webmaster tools.

This is something that we all want for Google, but Google still doesn’t want to present it to us, they have bunch of reasons, one of them suspected by some SEOs is that this way people will actually send signals to Google that a certain site is not to be trusted if they get too many links disavowed… Well, since Google doesn’t offer that function we can’t know for sure, but with Bing this is easy as 1.2.3 and I don’t see anyone complaining that their rankings have fallen down because someone disavowed links from their site.

The best part of this tool is that it gives you the choice of disavowing just a certain page, a folder or even the entire domain. Now my guess is that if Google did the same things they could ignore the signals that say ignore this page and use the signals that say ignore this entire domain, but at the same time what is to stop us from doing this to our competitors? I’m sure Google is overthinking this and that we as SEOs as bringing more drama to the table, so in the meantime focus on the things you have, like Bing webmaster tools that continue to impress this humble SEO more and more each day.




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