Authorship Support From Google

In an attempt to provide users great content, Google is testing a new feature, called authorship support. Google hopes that this new feature will benefit both authors of content and users who are looking for quality content.

Google AuthorshipWhat authorship support does

In every search result, there is a short description box. The description box usually contains a snippet of the content that the user is about to see. With authorship support, the author’s name and picture will also appear in the search result. The picture will appear on the left side and the name will appear on top of the box. [1]

Authorship will appear in both search results and Google news. However, there is never a guarantee that your author information will be displayed.

How to activate your authorship information

First, you will need a Google profile with a recognizable headshot as your profile photo. A clear headshot as your profile photo is important because Google will use this picture to associate your name and face. You should also include your full real name and any other information about yourself that may be relevant. Google will use this information when displaying your authorship information. 

After you have created your Google profile, you can register your authorship information two different ways. One way is to link your Google profile with your content. The second way is to add your name and email to your content. The second method is preferable for sites with multiple content authors. Links to both methods can be found in the Google support page, which will be linked below in this article.

To whom it may concern

Google authorship information may not be for every site owner. However, if you are working hard towards establishing yourself as a brand or you are trying to become a popular blogger, then you should take advantage of the new authorship feature. 

The authorship feature will greatly help individuals establish their online presence. In the near future, there may be a surge of new search requests for actual authors of sites, rather than content information or website URLs.



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