Authorship Markup Benefits

Google’s message is clear: “We want real authors to produce real content.”

In a recent post on the Webmaster Blog, Javier Tordable (Google Software Engineer), writes about recorded cases where authorship enhanced search results attract more impressions and clicks [1].

This comes to us as no surprise as it’s quite obvious that people will prefer to click on a more interesting snippet which contains additional and richer information whether it be stars, price, photo or quantity markup.

As part of their initiative to increase authorship adoption by webmasters Google has just introduced a dedicated authorship section in Google Webmaster Tools. To find it navigate to your “Labs” section.

Google Authorship in Webmaster Tools

Google has recently tightened the filter on authorship in search results and many authors thumbnails are no longer showing. We asked John Mueller [2] from Google what exactly is the criteria for acceptance these days.

Waiting for his answer.


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