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Are your meta descriptions getting you more clicks?

Many moons ago, meta descriptions may have have helped with your SEO efforts in terms of rankings. Along with the meta keywords tag, this is probably one of the most abused tags in website coding history and whilst it no longer offers a direct SEO benefit, when used wisely, can improve conversions and click throughs to your website.…

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Google’s Muffin Top update

google muffin top

Google’s just released another algorithm update and this time, pages that have too many ads up the top, will be penalised. It’s being referred to as a the ‘page layout algorithm'[1] but at DEJAN SEO, we’re calling it the Muffin Top update as it doesn’t actually have an official name.…

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Are you harnessing the power of Google Image search?

Google Image Search is a wonderful search tool that lets you search for images specifically and whilst it’s not a new member of the Google family, it’s certainly proving itself to be even more valuable moving forward.

Image Search has evolved to include features that let you refine your search, from image size to colour and even if it has a face or is a photo or is clip art.…

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Will boilerplate text get my site penalised?

With the Panda updates of 2011 sending webmasters into a flurry to adjust their content to be ultra unique, there’s some questions being raised about legitimate instances where you have to repeat certain bits of text across all or some pages on your website.…

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How to stake ownership in the content you create

There is a fast growing change on the Internet for even better, more valuable content written by real people with a public face. Google is a notable proponent of this push to get content creators to claim their content more publicly and focus even more on producing content of the highest quality.

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Google updates Instant Preview feature to be truly Instant

As part of an ongoing process to improve browsing experiences, Google has rolled out an update to their Instant Preview feature.

Previously, you had to click on the magnifying glass icon to to the side of a search result in the SERPs to get a snapshot of the webpage along with a snippet of text that appeared in the SERPs.…

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