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Is Weak SEO the Reason for Border’s Troubles?

I rarely see the Border’s website in search results when I’m looking up a book. I don’t see their main competitor, Barnes & Noble, in search results as well. I decided to compare search rankings for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders Books for a number of books.…

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Queensland Flood Information Search Now Easier Thanks to Google

In this post Switched on Media report about a new feature which has popped out for Google searches related to flood. After a bit of investigation we realised that the extent of keywords which trigger the extra info are quite broad and even target generic terms like flood if you are searching within Australia which is a very nice use of geo-targeting feature by Google.…

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10 Most Popular People in 2011

2011: Most Popular People According To Twitter Follower Base
1. Lady Gaga

Profile: @ladygaga
Followers: 7,603,618
Following: 145,567
Tweets: 580

2. Justin Bieber

Profile: @justinbieber
Followers: 6,523,484
Following: 101,340
Tweets: 6,634

3. Britney Spears

Profile: @britneyspears
Followers: 6,507,697
Following: 415,648
Tweets: 1,020


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Google Body Browser

Google Body Browser is a new online application launched in December by Google labs. It is designed to allow users to look up any organ in the human body and learn more about it in three dimensional space.

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The End of Google PageRank

The first version of the PageRank technology was created while Larry and Sergey attended Stanford University, which owns a patent to PageRank. The PageRank patent expires in 2017. We hold a perpetual license to this patent. In October 2003, we extended our exclusivity period to this patent through 2011, at which point our license will become non-exclusive.…

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We are freaking awesome!

We started this experiment in order to determine how Google would sort pages (in SERPS) which equally linked up. Initially we set up this page with the following links:

  1. we
  2. are
  3. freaking
  4. awesome

Basically linking to:

  1. http://dejanseo.com.au/googletrick/we/
  2. http://dejanseo.com.au/googletrick/are/
  3. http://dejanseo.com.au/googletrick/freaking/
  4. http://dejanseo.com.au/googletrick/awesome/

The anchor text didn’t matter to us, it was just there for fun – we could have used 1, 2, 3 and 4 (but that would be just boring). …

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Christmas Datalicious Session @ Dejan SEO



What does an SEO team do with a box of Christmas Cadbury Favourites? Why, we empty the content and sort the chocolates in groups to see the volumes. Then we track the goal conversions to see which chocolates disappear first.…

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Measuring Size of Google’s Index


According to our observations Google has recently removed as much as 360 million pages from its index.

Days monitored: 35

Start Date: 18/11/10

End Date: 22/12/10

Maximum Pages in Index: 25,630,000,000

Minimum Pages in Index: 25,270,000,000

Major Difference: 360,000,000 pages…

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Impact on Business as Skype Goes Offline

Skype Whale Goes Belly Up!

84 per cent of Skype users in Australia reported similar or increased usage of Skype this holiday period over the same period last year. ibtimes.com
In February 2009 IT News publishes a story titled “Skype targets Aussie small business users” and announces that “A third of Skype’s 405 million registered accounts use the software for business.” In 2010 the trend of business use of Skype continues to rise, until today – when those same millions of users now have no means of communication with their customers and all that just before Christmas.…

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