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Martin Reed Returns to Australia

Martin Reed, our top expert for technical SEO made a trip to the other side of the world and spent his summer in Europe.…


Common Crawl: The Open Search Engine

 Somewhere in the IP range between and lurks a fresh new bot, crawling and weaving an open web free from the shroud of mystery and secret algorithms of Google and Bing. …


Google+ Pages

Google PagesIn today’s Webmaster Central Blog post Google announced the release of Google+ for Business, their equivalent of Facebook Pages. …


PageRank Update: November 2011

Webmasters report global toolbar PageRank update today. Our team has tested the values on a sample of 1000 tracked domains and can confirm the news as approximately 40% of the tested URLs show variation in toolbar PR value. Recently Google changed the PR call URL which caused many to believe that PageRank was no longer showing to public.…


Google Freshness Algorithm to Affect 35% Searches

In today’s blog post titled “Giving you fresher, more recent search results”, Amit Singhal explains Google’s latest efforts towards preferential treatment of certain types of QDF (Query Deserves Freshness) based search queries. Google has been criticised in the past that their freshness algorithm has not really managed to catch up to a true real-time stream of news and events and are constantly trying to invent different ways of providing fresh and relevant content to users.…


WordCamp Gold Coast

Dan Bond UniversityDan Petrovic presented at WordCamp Gold Coast on the 5th November 2011. The presentation took place at the Cerum Theatre (Bond University). Presentation title: “Google, Angry Panda & WordPress”.…


Please Fix Position Sorting in Google Webmaster Tools

NOTE: Google has corrected this problem in January 2012 Webmaster Tools interface update.

Hello Google,

Instead of scraping your results I choose to use Google Webmaster Tools to check my clients’ rankings. There is just this one thing that drives me crazy and that is the way you sort the ranking phrases.…


Applying Random Surfer Model to Peer-to-Peer Network Distribution

Author: Dan Petrovic,

Digital information preservation is a hot topic and a fertile ground for many bubbling solutions and models in both practice and theory. One of the emerging issues revolves around the fact that there is more information being produced today than we’re able to store and analyse, not to mention attempts at prioritisation and archiving.…


Niantic Project

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My Toyota odometer says: 111111 – Neat.…


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